Workshop : surtitling your show for international touring

Workshop : surtitling your show for international touring


To share the most recent technological solutions, both in conception and aesthetically to include, without malfunction, surtitles within a performance. Choosing the systems, options and programs that will enrich the performance through its translation.


18 October 2019


Centre Municipal La Bolsa (Bilbao).

Target audience

Performing arts professionals.


The technologies that have been developed over the past few years have encouraged a variety of solutions in the flow of works on an international level. What are the different tools and technologies developed for surtitling a show?

Keynote Speakers :
Carlota Gurt, Surtitles manager for the Temporada Alta festival.
Ibon Saratxaga and Inma Hernáez : presentation of AhoDubber.
Estella Oncins, University of Barcelona, European project Transmedia.


50 participants. Free, by registering via email at until Tuesday 15th October.