Study Visits

Study Visits

Study visits allow the partners of Pyrenart to accompany, on international events dedicated to the promotion of performing arts, the delegation of professionals of the territory of the Pyrenees (artistic teams, production, programmers…).

Generating knowledge on the knowledge of the functioning of international promotion and permitting to multiply international contacts, the study visits facilitate the entrepreneurial and cultural international networking.

The first study visit took place at the Bienal de CINARS from the 12th to the 17th of November 2018. Organised every 2 years in Montreal, CINARS is one of the largest and most important international gathering of the performing arts, bringing together over 1900 professionals from 55 countries of which 436 leading programmers around the globe. Over a week, performances, workshops, networking events, etc. are proposed to all the participants.

After 18 editions, the Biennale CINARS has become an essential multidisciplinary event in which real international touring opportunities are developed, and creating strong links between the participants across the world refining the knowledge of the industry professionals. 15 professionals from the the territory of the Pyrenees participated in this trip.

The second study visit will take place in Chili in January 2020 over 2 évents : Santiago a mil y Santiago off.