The Pyrenees Itineraries

Itinerarios Pirineos

The Pyrenees Itineraries are a selection of circuits destined for international professionals. Conceived from the theatre and festival programs in the cross border territory, they propose a selection of performances that can be played internationally, exchanges with artistic teams from the territory, seminars and  workshops… As such, the itineraries will allow the the growth of international networking opportunities and  visibility of the territory.

The programme of the itineraries in 2018 is as follows :

  • Itinerary  Saragossa – Tarbes – Auch – Bilbao (September – October 2018)
  • Itinerary Pamplona – Girona – Tarbes – Foix (Novembre 2018)

The programme of the itineraries in 2019 is as follows :

  • Itinerary Foix – Tarbes – Pau – Perpignan – Lons (May 2019)
  • Itinerary In construction