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Welcome to Pyrenart

Touring internationally is both a wager and a promise towards having a terrific artistic career. Teams that takes on the scale of this work are rapidly confronted to a variety of questions, that go from the required skills in administration, production and marketing, to the identification of the programmers and the professional mechanisms specific for each country.

Nine cultural establishments from either side of the Pyrenees have joined together to conceive Pyrenart – selected within the framework of the European Interreg POCTEFA program.

Pyrenart is a cross border project between France and Spain whose ambition is to galvanize the professional visibility of the artists and venues in this territory, and to facilitate their entry into international networks of the performing arts via:

A free digital training platform, dedicated to the production and the diffusion of international projects

Meetings with professionals in the cross border territory

The co-production and programming of performances

Various supports for the mobility of artists, programmers and heads of production or marketing

Pyrenart is a project co-financed by the European Funds for Regional Developpement (FEDER), during the period from October 2017 to December 2021.