Organik Dantza-Antzerki

Country, city
Spain, Bilbao

Production contact

Presentation of the company

ORGANIK is a company founded in 2002 but from 2007 onwards the company delivered a succession of creations. Since 2011, it is one of the confirmed companies of the Basque Country (Department of Culture of the Basque Government), resulting from both its professional experience and educational project in schools.

Their works have been presented in national and international festivals (Germany, France, United-Kingdom, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba and Korea).

Natalia Monge has directed ORGANIK from the beginning. In her creations, she leans on her own experiences, linking them with current events in order to share the human aspects of her concern towards our western civilisation. In a language situated between text and dance, she uses movement as a vector of expression and emotion that talk about what interests her. In her creations, she seeks out different landscapes connected to a world of sound, often sprinkled with a touch of irony.

Show presentation

As deep sea fishing is a trade mainly practiced by men, it is the women who are left behind in the port that repair the fishing nets, the most precious tool of this profession. Despite this task having been accomplished over centuries, it was only in 2012 that the professionalism of the net repairers of the Basque Country was officially recognised.

It is the occasion to remember the situation of these women that have always existed, even though their trade is threatened with extinction. The physical aspect of the work of these net repairing women is our starting point: a painstaking and repetitive task, staying statically in position for days on end. The symbolism of the nets and what they evoke in us equally enriches our proposal, leaving to the imagination the lives of these women under big, torn webs. In « Sareak », the strength of five net repairers will bring us inside the fishing ports, to share their intimacy and humour, with poetry and a pinch of irony.

Creative Team

Concept and direction
Natalia Monge

Creation and interpretation
Pilar Andrés, Begoña Krego, Natalia de Miguel, Helena Golab, María Martín

Sound Design
Laurentx Etxemendi

Lighting Design
Marc Cano

External View
Lisi Estarás y Bertha Bermúdez

Costume Design

José Mª Martínez (Bubu)

Anita F. Henry (Dreams in pictures)

Production, co-production, credits

The performance benefits from the PYRENART (FEDER) trans border co-operation project, within the framework of the Interreg V-A Spain-France-Andorra POCTEFA 2014-2020 project.

With the support of the Cultural Department of the Basque Government.


20-21/09/2018. Premiere. Leioa (Spain).
25/10/2018. Festival BAD, Bilbao (Spain).
10/03/2019. Festival Pies para qué los quiero, Teatro Principal, Saragossa (Spain).
14/12/2019. Bergara (Spain).

Photo credits

José Mª Martínez (Bubú)