La melancolía del turista

La melancolía del turista

Oligor y Microscopía

Country, city
Spain, Tudela (Navarre)

Production contact
Jomi Oligor

Company presentation

Microscopía Teatro is a group laboratory in scenic research that works on small scales: objects, models, furniture, toys, shadows, mechanisms. Directed by Shaday Larios and founded in 2004 in Barcelona, the group laboratory has created different pieces that have been presented between Mexico and Europe. Microscopía Teatro explores the atmospheres of intimacy, gentle sensations, the poetry of images and the enigmatic aspect of small things which have no importance. Microscopía Teatro wants to create projects with social inclusion and using a stage philosophy that values miniaturisation and the dissociation of various faculties within a theatre of objects. Since 2012, he is associated with the Spanish company Oligor, with whom he explores the documentary possibilities of the subject.

The Oligor company was founded in 2002 with the creation of «Las tribulaciones de Virginia», which is currently still playing. It is a company that is dedicated to the poetry of objects and has been working since 2012 in partnership with Microscopía Teatro of Mexico. Since 2016, the company, with Microscopía Teatro and Xavier Bobés, part of the El Solar project. Agencia de detectives de objetos, has been presented up until now in situ in Girona, Barcelona and Berlin.

Show presentation

« La melancolía del turista » is related to an inventory of questions on the motivations that make us tourists in various realms of life, including our home town, our neighbourhood, our street. A vast field of exploration divided by other subjects, notably the sentiment of belonging, of loss, of looking for it, and not only during a short week of holidays that attempts to interrupt the stable and organised flux of our lives. We apprehend such melancholy through this inventory as it is similar to a state of mind in suspension that accompanies the exception – and which pushes us to reinvent – and reinvent ourselves, in this interval where the inertia of things fractures. Melancholy suddenly emerges as the beginning of an active force, a reflective spasm that anticipates the current critical view.

« La melancolía del turista » talks about a break-up, an individual pause that is broken down into different points of view and levels of the process, to become unfamiliar in certain contexts and situations ; notably, the enthusiasm that divides us and places us in an auto-critical role on the point of leaving for our holidays, decked out in an entire panoply – but also what happens to people who no longer recognise the place where they live because of gentrification, as well as everything that has a feature with transformed desire, opposing the imaginary in regards to places otherwise known as « paradises for tourists » and actually in decay, without forgetting the aspect of materialism that looks at fixing beforehand the idea we make of the trip (souvenir, holiday shots, etc.).

Creative Team

A performance created by : Jomi Oligor et Shaday Larios.

Production, co-production, credits

The performance benefits from the PYRENART (FEDER) trans border co-operation project, within the framework of the Interreg V-A Spain-France-Andorra POCTEFA 2014-2020 project.


11/2019. Premiere, Festival Temporada Alta, Girona (Spain).

10/2020. L’Estive, Scène Nationale de Foix (France)

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